About us

A team of in-house experts fuelled by Kuul.

At the heart of KuulEats is a genuine drive to see our restaurant partners thrive. By giving them the tools to take full control of their restaurant. Using the power of technology, we created an all-in-one restaurant management solution – one that effortlessly joins up the dots. Leaving you with a smarter and fully connected operation. Then it’s over to you to get back to doing what you do best – running your restaurant.

We are an ambitious and innovative bunch, we never stand still. Our team is always searching for Kuul new developments that will benefit our Kuul partners and wider community.

KuulEats has three component parts:

The ‘Back Office’
Web based so ability to access and update form anywhere in the world on any online device. Manage everything form tables, menus, prices, availability of bookings, takeaways, deliveries, customer self orders, flow management. The Back Office also gives access to the booking diary, reports and customer database

The ‘Front End’
Android platform can be used by managers, waiters, chefs on any Android device. This is an App from the Google Playstore and is only accessible by approved logins and permissions. The App can perform a multitude of tasks on the one device which streamlines service, eliminates mistakes and gives the waiters more time to focus on customers and sales. eg:

• Check-in new bookings   • Create new bookings  • Tableside ordering  • Moving Tables/Tabs  • Voids/Comps/changes  • Run Bills  • Split bills  • Take payment  • Close tables  • Plus many more

The ‘Consumer interface’
This is currently web based but will be available via an App by the Summer of 2021. This allows customers to:

Find you and drive new customers to you  • Book tables and make special requests  • Self order at the table (Great for gardens and all outside dining areas)  • Pay Live Bills  • Order Takeaways with Collection & Delivery slot times mandatory.

The three components come together in one Ecosystem which drives efficiency, accurate and rich data on all customers. There is also a synchronised process regardless of who does orders or payments, one report with all data in one place so easier to reconcile and one payment into your bank account giving peace of mind that all money due is in one place.

Let’s come together to secure the future of the restaurant industry and take back control with KuulEats restaurant management solution, Waiter App and Diner App.