About us

A team of in-house experts fuelled by Kuul.

As ex-restaurateurs, we were you once and we truly understand how tough it is to run a restaurant. Disjointed systems. Limited or no customer data. A costly dependency on third party applications. The list can be long and the effects on your profit margins dramatic! That’s why we started a KuulEats Restaurant Revolution, one built on community and mutual understanding.

At the heart of KuulEats is a genuine drive to see our restaurant partners thrive. By giving them the tools to take full control of their restaurant. Using the power of technology, we created an all-in-one restaurant management solution – one that effortlessly joins up the dots. Leaving you with a smarter and fully connected operation. Then it’s over to you to get back to doing what you do best – running your restaurant.

We are an ambitious and innovative bunch, we never stand still. Our team is always searching for Kuul new developments that will benefit our Kuul partners and wider community.

You are only 7 short KuulSteps away from starting your very own Restaurant Revolution. Here is how…


Let’s come together to secure the future of the restaurant industry and take back control with KuulEats restaurant management solution, Waiter App and Diner App.