Building creative resilience

By Claire Walker COO

As we approached Lockdown 2 here in the UK I spent a lot of time talking to independent restaurateurs. In some I heard the voice of fight, in others the voice of tiredness, in others the voice of frustration and, in the rest, the voice of cautious optimism as they considered doing things differently and what they could potentially achieve not only for their businesses, their livelihoods but also in terms of delivering to the new needs of their customers.

These discussions turned my thoughts to the power of creative resilience and the need to be creatively resilient at times of challenge.

Creative resilience is the capacity to generate and act on positive solutions when facing challenge and change. It is about reimagining our environment, our interactions with others and ultimately our way of doing things be it within our work or personal lives. It’s about finding the strength, and courage, to shift our perspective so that we are able to discover new possibilities. Creative resilience helps us fight rather than take flight.

Creative resilience can be cultivated through our every day actions. This surely has to give us hope! What if we approached the inevitable challenges we currently face in work and in life with a more creative outlook marked by curiosity and experimentation? The global pandemic and ultimate lockdowns endured, and currently being suffered by many has exposed an abundance of poorly designed systems in our society and our businesses. Perhaps our collective reimagination will help us design new and better systems for work and for living?

Re-imaging tech, discovering new possibilities and driving down costs for the independents has always been at the heart of all things Kuul. We’ve been there as restaurateurs and we understand the pain points and challenges – that’s the core of why we exist, to make business life better for those we have affinity with. It’s our mission to see independent restaurants fight back and thrive as we emerge blinking into the post-covid 19 sunlight; for it will be sunny again…

To discover a new way of doing things – the KuulWay get in touch.

Look not to the past for that has been and gone but to the future for what is to come.

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