Covid-friendly and Contactless: KuulEats Has it Covered


With KuulEats’ intuitive, zero touch and secure restaurant management system with integrated mobile order & pay solution (phew), restaurants now have a quick and easy way to increase their revenues.

With Covid measures for the hospitality industry set to stay for the foreseeable future, now is the time to plan for the immediate and long term as well as being ready for when we enter a “New Normal”.

KuulEats have been working with lots of restaurants over the past few months who have had to adapt their business models to also include a takeaway option – with really positive results. Having an online platform offers so many options for selling – from takeaway to click and collect, birthday packages, hampers – our e-commerce shop can provide the platform for your business to continue; lockdown or no lockdown.

KuulEats is a user-friendly, contact-free restaurant management and order and pay platform. Guests access the same restaurant menu as the waiters and using their own device order their own food & drink, options and even pay their bill. Simple. Suitable for both eat in or takeaway. Unlike other products on the market, KuulEats’ differentiator is that the software is integrated, meaning no more disjointed and expensive tech estates to deal with; just one, easy to use system.

KuulEats platform now also includes track and trace functionality enabling your venue to be compliant with the government rules, meaning customers booking online will be able to add all of their contact information and also be invited to supply details for adults from other households, thus saving valuable time for your staff and constantly asking customers if they have scanned the code outside, this also gives reassurance to customers that you are doing all you can to protect your community. Job done.

As KuulEats is fully integrated, this means that orders can be sent straight to a restaurant’s kitchen and bar printers as soon as the customer has made payment. Customisable settings allow you to determine the flow and pace of your kitchen putting you firmly in control. If things heat up, you can slow things down so the kitchen catches up (they’ll thank you for that, believe us.)

With KuulEats there are no set up fees or fixed monthly charges. Our unique funding model means our customers have the flexibility of only paying a small transaction fee, set by the bank, on all sales. So not only is it free to set up, there are no ongoing or hidden fees. Bookings are also free – FOREVER (did we say that loud enough?)

KuulEats is also designed for speed, simplicity and adaptability. Our cleverly connected software enables orders to be received and processed at speed, helping you maximise sales without any complications and, with table ordering set to stay, the ease and speed with which customers will increase your revenue opportunities – just ask the many restaurants and pubs who have signed up to KuulEats’ so far.

Contact us to learn more at or go here to visit our demo page and see how it all works.