Built by revolutionary restaurateurs for revolutionary restaurateurs.

We’ve been there. We understand the challenges you face. KuulEats lets you take back control and get back to what you do best - running your restaurant.

kuuleats reservation management


A booking system that is commission free

  • Website integration widget.
  • Easy and prompt customer bookings with auto email confirmation, add to calendar and share functionality.
  • View table and timeslots available.
  • Drag and drop floor management.
  • Customisable set up. Join, move and merge tables at time of reservation or even mid meal to accommodate your customers’ requests. All in real time.
kuuleats floor management


Table side ordering that integrates seamlessly with kitchen management

  • Real time order progress status allows staff to keep customers informed.
  • Flexible, virtual and customisable fulfillment stations that are linked to real time orders and billings.
  • Electronic or printed order ticket features available.
  • Tickets automatically prioritised to time order taken and grouped by courses to allow all staff to monitor status of orders in real time.
kuuleats customer loyalty


Create your own loyalty platform with the integrated CRM

  • Build customer profiles and relationships and upsell.
  • Harness the power of customer data to learn your customers likes and dislikes and to provide personalised discounts and offers.
kuuleats menu creation


Dynamic menu creation

  • Powerfully and effortlessly design and cost menus.
  • Link seamlessly to inventory management. Calculate calories and display allergen information.
kuuleats stock inventory


Full inventory management

  • Live stock updates and tracking.
  • Link stock to customer order usage.
  • Plan and budget menu items.
kuuleats payment solutions


Advanced billing and payments

  • Auto calculate gratuity, discounts and service charges.
  • Itemise and split bills with ease.
  • Track and view real time billing.
  • Integrated payments functionality.
  • Print or email receipts.
  • Turn ‘impatient to pay’ customers into happy customers by letting them pay via the KuulEats Diner App.
business snapshot


Get full analytical reports whenever and wherever you need them

  • Track real time stock and sales.
  • Analyse customer data.
  • Generate detailed sales and performance reports whilst tracking productivity from your dashboard.
dedicated support


Support available when you need it at no 
extra cost



Online Takeway & Delivery Platform

  • Zero contact solution.
  • No upfront or monthly fees.
  • Payments built in.
  • Seamless order & pre-order.
  • Integrates with your website.