KuulEats Case Study: Monte Forte

In 2017, brothers Paolo and Luca started Monte Forte as a food truck. Since then they have been busy making their own take on Neapolitan pizza all around the UK. Within two years they opened their first pizzeria in Reigate and more recently a second pizzeria in Horsham. The expanding team fuse together good old fashioned hospitality, incredible neapolitan pizza and fantastic beer offerings.


Post lockdown, Surrey’s pizza fans hit the phones. But too often, particularly around the 7pm spike time, the only thing people were getting was an engaged tone. Sales, and customer expectations, were not being met.

Kuul solution

Engaging with Monte Forte helped us to make sure our app was the gamechanger they needed. By enabling online takeaway bookings in time-specific slots, customers could now choose a preferred collection time. No log-jams, no stress.

What happened?

Sales doubled immediately, wait times were reduced to minutes, and the kitchen worked at maximum efficiency, rather than 100mph, for the whole shift.

And now?

Using WhatsApp as a support tool creates a genuinely two-way, shared experience with full visibility. Customers can be sure that someone they know is online and dealing with any ‘issues’ in real time.

The KuulEats Added Value

We are always available and respond to issues faster than you can say ‘do you have any pineapple?’ These innovations and efficiency tweaks help to keep our customers afloat and coping with crazy opening times.

Something new…

Monte Forte have recently just opened another pizzeria in Horsham and we’re delighted that they have chosen to put their trust in Kuul again to be their Restaurant Management partner of choice. Thanks guys!

So get KuulEats on your team. We can help you to not only survive the lockdowns, but emerge a better business.

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