KuulEats: Virtual RMS. Real Benefits.

Our new app has renewed the appetite for the hospitality business, giving restaurateurs and their customers a new platform to order and collect dine-in and take-out food. Simon Rand, CEO of KuulEats, explains more.

What a time to be in this trade. Government guidelines forced many of us to be anything but hospitable, closing shutters and switching to answerphone, hunkering down, and hoping for better times.

With the odds stacked against the industry, only a real gamechanger could get revive seriously flagging fortunes. And here it is.

The KuulEats app. This is the first-of-its-kind, innovative technology that restaurant and takeaway owners have been looking for to relieve the pressure.

While creative resilience may have helped customers through the first wave of the pandemic, the industry needs tangible help to make the most of their customers’ new freedoms to dine in and out.

Too often, takeaways – or restaurants offering that service – are swamped by peak hour bottlenecks that mean the kitchen is either in crisis mode or standing idle. Neither makes for good business or happy employees.

Business owners like predictability. To know what’s coming next, to make plans based on data-based forecasts. But with the world in an ongoing state of uncertainty, that’s easier said than done.

So, the key is to turn the tables by arming yourself with an enabling, cloud based, disruptive technology; a first-to-market innovation that works for vendor and customer alike.

KuulEats is the vertically, horizontally and interactive diner app that makes ordering easier –and easier to manage – by consolidating costs and simplifying systems. It is the digital dashboard supporting full visibility of the business from anywhere in the world.

KuulEats: What it does

  • Empowers restaurateurs the world over.
  • Drives down operational and system costs.
  • Enhances revenue, reducing costs and building loyalty.

Three piece sweet

The KuulEats app unites three key functions, the ‘Back Office’, ‘Front End’ and ‘Consumer interface’.

The Back End does the heavy lifting, managing tables, menus, prices, availability, takeaways, deliveries, customer self-orders, flow management. It’s where much of the data lives, too, including bookings, reports and the customer database.

The Front End is an Android platform, the go-to resource for serving staff. The Interface is where the magic lives, making ordering food and booking a slot a single step move. There’s more here.

KuulEats Local

The sister product, KuulEats Local is now ready to enable local businesses to reach more customers than ever before, increasing footfall and revenue without paying a fortune. Offering 0% commission on ALL online orders, Local can mean a 20-30% increase in sales, even in off-peak times, and a 10-15% increase in average order value.

So if we have revived your appetite, then book a demo, or just get in touch

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