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We’re Kuul and we’re delighted to have launched KuulEats Local, an online marketplace enabling independent businesses to sell more products to a local audience.

Using the same ground-breaking – but not bank-breaking – technology as the dine-in, restaurant focused ‘parent’ KuulEats product, KuulEats Local creates an online community of buyers and sellers, allowing shoppers to buy local products at the touch of a button.

The KuulEats Local mission is to help local, independent businesses fight back post covid-19 and to make it easier for people to buy from local shops at a fairer price for the seller, including 0% commission on all online orders.

KuulEats Local has been working with several local, high street businesses throughout the pandemic with startling results. Check out the results below…

  • 0% commission on ALL online orders
  • 20-30% increase in sales, even in off-peak times
  • 10-15% increase in average order value

But don’t take our word for it, this is what our customers say:

“I still can’t work out how they provide all of this technology with low payment charges and still manage to constantly improve”

“These guys just get it. They help me sell more and they don’t charge me one penny for their service. They really care about community businesses, not like the big boys.”

With more and more customers now voting with their fingers and not their feet, local businesses need to now adapt to where the ‘finger, not the foot’ fall is in order to ‘keep the lights on’ in their businesses. KuulEats Local adds to an existing shop window by showcasing products to an audience who prioritise online convenience over everything else.

Online is the new ‘convenience store.’ Don’t believe us? Look at this graph

If you’re a local, business on the high street, we’ve designed this product for you. It’s built to help you reach more local customers and adapt to the ‘new normal.’ It doesn’t mean an end to the traditional high street; indeed, we have built this product to help save the high street, it’s about adding an online shop window to your bricks and mortar version enabling more people to shop with you. They can click and collect too as well as home delivery, so you can still have that (covid friendly, zero touch) interaction with your customers if you want to…

We’ve been there and done it ourselves and know the pandemic pain points. Help is at hand, power is coming to your elbow. Call us and let’s chat about how we can help you fight back to full business health.

KuulEats Local: For The Independents.

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